Ministers this week announced 12 primary care trusts to start in October. But the decision to create Central Manchester PCT and North Manchester PCT in the face of objections from doctors and community staff has sparked anger.

GP Dr Dev Shanker from East Manchester PCG, which will be split by the change, said: 'We're absolutely gutted. It would appear that the health authority, in a race to get PCTs at any cost, has ignored GPs, staff and patients.'

His colleague, finance and commissioning manager Frank Cooke, said: 'We are disappointed on behalf of both primary care staff and community staff who were not in favour of the recommendations.' A Department of Health spokesperson said: 'There was broad local support for the application.'

Mancunian Community Health trust welcomed the announcement, but chief executive Elizabeth Law raised 'grave concerns' about the pace of change.

There were just two-and-a-half months 'to transfer more than 1,700 staff and their services to the new entities and several other bodies'. The 'greatest challenge' would be to ensure IT and administrative systems, clinical governance and risk management measures were in place, she said.

All four Bradford PCGs will become PCTs. The others announced were Dartford, Gravesham and Swanley;

Milton Keynes; Carrick; South Hants and West Devon; Torbay; Bexley.