Life peer

Sir Ron Oxburgh, rector, Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine.


Paul Nurse, director general, Imperial Cancer Research Fund.

Professor Richard Peto, director, ICRF clinical trial unit, Oxford University, for services to epidemiology and cancer prevention.

Dame Commander of

the Order of the British Empire (DBE)

Yvonne Moores, chief nursing officer, Department of Health, for services to the nursing profession.

Commander of the Order of the British Empire (CBE)

Professor Michael Adler, chair, National AIDS Trust, professor of genito- urinary medicine, for services to the treatment of people with AIDS.

William Ashworth, chair, East Lancashire health authority, for services to healthcare.

Professor Jangu Banatvala, professor of clinical virology, United Medical and Dental Schools, for services to the prevention of viral hepatitis.

Professor Ian Cameron, vice- chancellor, University of Wales College of Medicine, for services to respiratory medicine and to higher education.

Professor Melhado Chevannes for services to multicultural nursing.

Professor Tony Culyer for services to research and development in the NHS.

Dr Christopher Drinkwater, Newcastle GP.

Norman Duncan, former head of social care group, DoH.

Professor Peter Garland for services to cancer research and to biotechnology.

Ann James, former King's Fund fellow, for services to social welfare.

Professor Rona MacKie, Glasgow University, for services to dermatology and melanoma research.

Dr Chai Patel for services to the development of social care policies.

Professor Elizabeth Russell for services to public health medicine.

Officer of the Order of the British Empire (OBE)

Professor Desmond Archer for services to ophthalmic surgery.

Carys Bannister, consultant neurosurgeon, for services to neurosurgery in Manchester.

Rowland Cowley, opthalmic surgeon, for services to the prevention of eye diseases in the third world.

Professor David Crompton for services to the development of healthcare services in West Africa.

Vernester Cyril, midwife and ward manager, Royal Gwent Hospital, for services to community relations in south- east Wales.

Dr Sam Everington for services to inner city primary care.

Norman King, chair, World Health Organisation pan-European taskforce on national environmental health action plans, for services to environment and health.

Catherine Law, senior research fellow, MRC environmental epidemiology unit, Southampton University, for services to public health.

Dr Susanna Lawrence, Leeds GP, for services to patient care, especially for drug misusers.

Arthur Morris, consultant plastic surgeon, Tayside University Hospitals trust, for services to plastic surgery and to the British Medical Association.

Alan Parrish, nurse adviser, learning disabilities, Royal College of Nursing.

Nicholas Partridge, chief executive, Terrence Higgins Trust, for services to people affected by HIV/AIDS.

Kamlesh Patel for services to health issues within ethnic minority communities.

Robert Purves, lately director of operations, nursing and quality, Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh trust, for services to healthcare.

William Ritchie, lately chair, North Ayrshire and Arran trust, for services to healthcare.

Professor Christopher Stephens, head of child dental health, Bristol University, for services to the use of IT in the dental profession and to education.

Diana Vass, head of publications, NHS Estates.

Member of the Order of the British Empire (MBE)

Brian Beacom, lately convenor, Greater Glasgow health council, for services to health and to the community.

Ruth Brown, ward manager, York District Hospital, for services to nursing.

Margaret Collins, site manager, Princess of Wales Hospital, Bridgend, for services to the NHS.

Rita Culwick, former senior personal secretary, DoH.

Gerard Dolan, GP, Paisley.

Sarah Hill, for services to the Cardiac Care Association, Craigavon.

Ahmed Jama, assistant director, facilities, Preston Acute Hospitals trust, for services to the NHS.

Patricia Kirby, complaints manager, NHS Executive.

Dr Angela Lennox, Leicester GP, for services to medicine and to the community.

Joyce Maxwell for services to the MRC child psychiatry unit.

Gloria Phillips, service unit manager, planned hospital discharge scheme, Lewisham, for services to home care for elderly people.

Gulab Singh, health promotion manager, North West Lancashire, for services to the NHS and to the ethnic minority community.

Mohammad Suleman, lately GP, East Sussex, for services to patient care.

Professor Sonia Williams, dental practitioner, West Yorkshire, for services to children's dental health, especially for ethnic minorities.

Patricia Wooster, director, midwifery and paediatric services, Ealing, for services to midwifery.