More than a quarter of GPs regard their computer system as poor value for money, according to a survey by the NHS Executive.

Many are also unhappy with the supplier's training and support facilities, with half of GPs complaining they always have trouble getting through to the help desks.

The report, published last month, is based on responses to a questionnaire to all GPs in England and Wales, of which 4,700 responded - 58 per cent of the total.

The EMIS system is still market leader, with 28 per cent of the installed base. Next is Reuters' VAMP, with 16 per cent, followed by AAH's System 5, with 12.5 per cent. Micro Doc, GCS Amsys and GRSA all have about 5 per cent. Vamp's Vision seems to have made progress, with about 300 sites so far.

In terms of performance, GPs' least favourite system was AAH's System 6000, followed by Reuters' GP Plus, LK Global's GCS for Windows and MT's Medico.

Ninety per cent of GPs regarded their systems as easy to use and almost three quarters considered that they improved patient care.

EMIS and Exeter were regarded as best. But most systems were criticised as not very well integrated with other software such as word processing. Less than half of GPs have heard from their supplier about the year 2000 issue.