Angie Jezard, independent management consultant working for the NHS, London I can't quite believe HSJ has devoted two-and-a-half pages on 'research' derived from 30-minute interviews with 203 health service staff (news analysis, pages 14-15, 9 June). That might be sufficient for the Daily Mail's purposes, but I expected better from HSJ.

News editor Laura Donnelly replies:

The Department of Health commissioned research to identify and support the development of effective system-wide behaviours and relationships.

The resulting report provided an insight into the views of frontline staff, who are rarely surveyed for their views on systems reform. Despite the anecdotal nature of the research, the engagement of staff in the reform process is an important area for debate.

Last week, health secretary Patricia Hewitt told HSJ the article reflected the fact that 'a lot of staff feel very alienated from the changes' (news, page 5, 16 June).