As a consultant recently converted to a manager in the NHS, I read with interest Alan Maynard's continued attack on the medical profession (Looking Askance, 11 June). As an economist who clearly knows value for money, he should see the best way to avoid the personal greed of consultants and their equally culpable GP colleagues would be to run the NHS without doctors.

Professor Maynard would be able to devote all his energies to dealing with the sick. The efficiencies this would bring are incalculable. Patients would be delighted to meet someone who can tell them the cost of all treatments - whether or not they are of any value to them - but be unable to deal with their problems.

Please do not print unwarranted attacks on a profession which has been the backbone of the best health delivery system in the world, on the basis of the actions of a few. Can Professor Maynard demonstrate VFM in his own department? Are there no rogues there? What are his outcome measures?

People in glass houses...

Jan Galloway

Consultant surgeon and medical director

Royal Hull Hospitals trust