Health Education England has appointed a former president of the Royal College of Surgeons to head a panel tasked with embedding patient safety in healthcare training.  

The patient safety board will be chaired by Norman Williams and will count HEE chair Sir Keith Pearson as one of its members.

The panel will conduct a broad scrutiny of health education and training, and hear from students, universities, NHS providers and patients on issues surrounding patient safety and its place in training curriculums.

The board is due to send out a call for evidence within weeks, and will hold a number of themed sessions around areas such as human factors, multidisciplinary education, the curriculum, and how patient safety knowledge and competence is measured.

Professor Williams said: “After the failings at Mid Staffordshire Foundation Trust and other hospitals, as well as the myriad of everyday mistakes that impact on patients across our NHS, we need to revisit how we ensure patient safety is the bedrock of our education and training system, and how universities and providers of NHS services train and educate for safety.”

Sir Keith said the board would be “going right back to the start of the journey for our healthcare professionals - when they start to be educated and trained”.

“It is there that values and behaviours and expectations are set and it is there we shall focus this work,” he said.

The board will look to publish a final report in the autumn of 2015.