In the first week of July, when the NHS will celebrate its diamond jubilee, HSJ will be publishing the names of the 60 most influential figures in the service's history, and we would like your help in drawing up the roll of honour.

Aneurin Bevan is odds-on favourite for the number one slot, but the other 59 places are still up for grabs. We are looking for readers to nominate politicians, campaigners, managers, clinicians, perhaps even commentators and academics or patients who have shaped the health service.

Not all the nominees need to be on the side of the angels; the progenitors of scandals and catastrophes, which surely includes a clutch of the less successful ministers over the years, have also played their part.

We would be delighted to hear your suggestions. Please send your ideas to; the wittiest and most insightful will be published on our Feedback page and secure an invitation to our NHS60 celebration dinner.