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5.03pm: The Foundation Trust Network has commented on the publication of the tariff rules. Chief executive Chris Hopson says: “We recognise the difficulty of the task here - balancing the need to create a new commissioning system with a growing squeeze on providers within a tight overall settlement. We also need to incentivise the major changes to the way that the NHS delivers healthcare that we all know are needed.

“The FTN argued strongly that provider risk is increasing rapidly and we are pleased that providers will receive £200m more than originally expected. We also welcome the changes to the 30% marginal tariff that now require commissioners to work with providers to ensure the withheld 70% of funding is fully spent on reducing preventable emergency admissions.

“But we remain concerned at the level of risk being carried by providers in 2013-14, particularly those who are being most disadvantaged through the approach on contract fines, emergency admissions and readmissions”.

4.56pm: The DH has written to the NHS Commissioning Board, confirming there will be an £859m transfer from its budget to local authorities for adult social care in 2013-14, and setting out the sum to be paid to each council.

4.48pm: The Department of Health has published proposed details of the payment by results tariff, in its PbR “road test” for 2013-14. HSJ analysis will follow.

4.10pm: Speaking to HSJ reporter Shaun Lintern health minister Norman Lamb has suggested the Government could abandon plans for a national Payment by Results tariff for mental health in favour of a mixed funding approach.

Mr Lamb described what he called an “institutional bias” against mental health in the NHS. More details here.

2.50pm: The government has announced investment in developing talking therapies for people with severe mental illness.

2.47pm: Imperial College Health Partners, the aspiring academic health science network covering North West London, has appointed a managing director - namely Adrian Bull, currently Queen Victoria Hospital Foundation Trust chief executive.

11.05am In an exclusive interview published by HSJ this morning, NHS Commissioning Board deputy chief executive Ian Dalton argues that its decision earlier this week not to use the formula developed for allocating Clinical Commissioning Group funds - and to order an “urgent” review of NHS allocations - was not “political”.

7.45am Good morning, today on HSJ Wayne Parslow writes that healthcare needs to leapfrog the technicalities that other industries went through to implement a single electronic system, if it ever really wants to provide true value. “Healthcare is so far behind other industries because of the way the NHS is buying and implementing technology,” he says.