We surveyed readers on their feelings about the last 12 months. This is what you told us

Is your organisation financially better off now than at the start of the year?

Much worse off - 12%

A little worse off - 18%

No change - 30%

Much better off - 9%

A little better off - 31%

Why is your organisation financially better or worse off than at the start of the year?

• Smarter buying, tighter controls and "trimming the fat"

• Inherited debts, spiralling costs, expensive overheads and a top-heavy management structure

• Additional costs of Agenda for Change, drugs, fuel and junior doctors

• Investment in Icelandic banks

• Activity has increased but there is no increase in finance for this - we are expected to absorb the costs

• Over-performance or under-contracting, depending on your perspective

• Good commissioning decisions and financial management

• Good housekeeping

• Hard work of staff to meet ever increasing targets

• A merger means we are losing people and so spending less on payroll

• We are having to cut back as PCTs have overspent

• We are balancing on a knife edge not to end the financial year in deficit

• Now appointing to previously frozen posts

• Morale is very low but we have saved money. Whoopee

• Despite increased demand on surpluses, we have used transformation to ensure our position is stable

• Among other things, our trust blames energy costs, but that affects every public organisation

• We have had five chief execs in two years and a turnaround team that has made little difference

How optimistic are you about your organisation's finances for 2009?

Very pessimistic - 6%

Quite pessimistic - 24%

Neither optimistic nor pessimistic - 32%

Very optimistic - 4%

Quite optimistic - 34%

How much has your organisation's focus shifted from process to quality?

Not at all - 18%

A little - 48%

A lot - 34%

Do you feel more optimistic about the NHS than you did at the beginning of the year?

A lot less - 14%

A little less - 21%

No change - 34%

A lot - 5%

A little - 26%

Do you believe the NHS is in the right hands with the Labour Party?

Not sure - 40%

No - 26%

Yes - 34%

Can you explain more about this view?

• I am in Scotland - where the NHS is in the hands of the SNP!

• The NHS is changing, and not for the better. "Selling off the family silver" is the phrase that comes to mind

• Too wedded to targets and outdated policies

• The future looks good; the alternative is unthinkable

• Not sure they are doing it right but not sure any other parties could do it better

• Lessons from history tell us Labour has always been more committed to the NHS than any other party

• Any government would struggle to manage NHS systems and finance

• This is the first government in the history of the NHS to invest in and develop it to make sure it improves quality of healthcare

• The Conservatives have previous - they cannot be trusted

• Ten years in control and still a total mess

• No idea what Conservative policies are

• Still believe Labour party has a fundamental belief in free at the point of delivery healthcare

• Too much investment wasted on crazy pay deals

• Don't think the Labour party is the right hands for the job but not sure any of the other parties are either

• The alternative is the Conservatives and we never do well under them

• If it wasn't for the Labour party, we wouldn't have an NHS

• No government seems able to sort out the NHS

• Some of us remember the near disaster of Maggie Thatcher's policies

• They are a tired administration, running out of ideas - time for change

Has the Darzi process changed your organisation's approach (eg more clinically led)?

Not at all - 29%

A little - 55%

A lot - 16%

Did the NHS60 celebrations boost morale?

Not at all - 72%

A lot - 2%

A little - 26%

Your thoughts on NHS60

• A great milestone which could have been celebrated more by individual organisations

• Wasted opportunity to cement the NHS in public consciousness

• An ideal opportunity to celebrate what the NHS is best at, but it all seems to have died off - what a missed opportunity!

• What NHS60?!

• A waste of time and money

• In primary care we have not been involved with celebrations - greater emphasis on hospitals

• Just like at the 50th anniversary, did not connect with people at grass roots