Published: 22/04/2002, Volume II4, No. 5902 Page 24 25

According to the recent NHS staff survey, despite working longer than their contracted hours and sometimes facing violence at work, three-quarters of NHS staff are generally satisfied with their jobs. Does this tally with your experience?

I would say this mirrors my own experience.While there is a view that staff are unhappy and looking to leave the NHS, most are enthusiastic, engaged and want to see improvements in the service - many will go the extra yard to ensure improvements happen.

It will be interesting to see the effect that Agenda for Change has on morale, in both the short and long term.

Euan McPherson

Patient action and liaison services and Involving People manager Herefordshire primary care trust The majority of staff are dissatisfied with their jobs, not only in the NHS but also in the independent sector .We continually work over our hours to be told that we cannot manage our time properly! Yet it is a catch-22 situation: leave your colleagues to struggle, or leave your documentation undone and face litigation.

Violence is increasing, as is verbal abuse, which patients pick up readily when staffing levels are too low.

Jane Brown

Senior clinical governance facilitator Alexandra Hospital, Redditch In general practice management, in my experience, most managers routinely work longer than contracted hours and are usually happy to do so. I think the majority wish to give as good a service as possible to patients and practice and therefore, given the constraints of budgets etc, will put in that bit extra.

Whether this is a good thing or not is another issue.

Jayne Tabor Practice manager Arnewood Practice, New Milton