I was interested to see the news story and comment on beacon sites (news, pages 6-7; comment, page 21, 2 March).

As an organisation which has beacons and has now become a 'learning centre', we have learned much about what people want and do not want from the learning events in the service.

Exchanging good practice is something the NHS has struggled with for many years, and the problems experienced by some over the beacon visits are part of that struggle.

My organisation decided not to make people come to us, but for us to go to them.We try to make our expertise real and relevant for the interested organisation.We acknowledge the diversity of culture in the NHS and try to customise any learning product we have to offer.

Many staff in the NHS are bored with passive teaching events, and we need to be taking the product of good practice engendered by the beacon work and make it experiential for others.

It is the 'visit mentality' rather than the generation of excellence which is proving to be the problem.

Barbara Harris Chief executive Royal United Hospital Bath trust