Published: 24/10/2002, Volume II2, No. 5828 Page 6

Derek Wanless, who headed the Treasury review of the health service that called for huge increases in funding, is to undertake a review of health and social care in Wales for the Welsh Assembly.The announcement of the review came as a draft budget for the Welsh NHS was published, increasing expenditure for 2003-04 to£3.8bn.

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Almost three-quarters of trusts involved in private finance initiatives believe their relationship with their PFI provider is average or good, according to a report by consultants Ernst and Young.But the survey of 26 managers found poor relationships elsewhere: 35 per cent said they had had poor or very poor support from other public sector organisations like regions and health authorities.

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BMA GP committee chair John Chishom has written to GPs spelling out which issues are crucial to success in negotiations on a new contract.Dr Chisholm says adequate pricing of the new deal, pensions, demand management, an end to enforced allocations and the implementation of the contract across the UK are being addressed in negotiations.

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Most councils have not improved their social services, according to a report from the Audit Commission and Social Services Inspectorate.

Fewer than half the councils assessed were seen as having promising or excellent prospects for improvement.

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Professor Aidan Halligan has been appointed deputy chief medical officer rather than NHS deputy director of public health as we reported last week (short cuts, page 8).