Published: 03/06/2004, Volume II4, No. 5908 Page 6

Up to 64 per cent of nurses believe that foundation trusts will take resources away from non-foundation trusts, according to a new poll.Of the 562 nurses interviewed in the telephone survey for Professional Nurse magazine, 50 per cent were against foundation trusts and a further 22 per cent were unsure.

Proposals to allow primary care trusts to commission dentists with special interests to provide services as part of primary care have been published by the Department of Health.The publication, Implementing a Scheme for Dentists with Special Interests, outlines how dentists with a particular interest would be able to offer their services to PCTs as part of the new contracts for dental services which will come into effect next year.

www. dh. gov. uk

The first bulletin of the chief scientific officer for healthcare scientists has been published on the Department of Health website.The bulletins will cover the major issues affecting healthcare scientists and provide news about developments in the NHS.The bulletin includes a request for 'ambassadors' to promote science careers within the service.

www. publications. doh. gov. uk/ csobulletin/

More than half of people living in temporary accommodation feel their health has suffered because of it, according to a new report.More than three-quarters of those interviewed (78 per cent) said they had a specific health problem and half were suffering from depression, says Living in Limbo, from the charity Shelter.

www. shelter. org. uk

A guide to navigating the Department of Health website when doing a search is now available online.The DoH recently redesigned its website and there have reportedly been problems in accessing some links to it.

www. dh. gov. uk/help/helpsearchhints