Published: 22/07/2004, Volume II4, No. 5915 Page 8

Plans to recruit 1,000 more NHS dentists by October 2005 will give primary care trusts six months'grace before they have to commission dental care.Under the Department of Health's£368m injection announced last week, PCTs will have until October next year - instead of April - to get to know practices, agree contract values with them and plan for out-of-hours services.

www. dh. gov. uk See Michael White, page 21.

North West London strategic health authority has appointed Royal Brompton and Harefield trust chief executive Gareth Goodier as chief executive.

Dr Goodier joined the trust in March last year and replaces acting SHA chief executive Steve Peacock.

The Human Genetics Commission has launched a discussion on the implications of developments in human genetic research on choices for people having children, and the social impact these can have.The consultation will close in the autumn and the conclusions will be presented to ministers next year.

www. hgc. gov. uk

Refugee doctors and nurses have been given an extra£500,000 of Department of Health funding, it was announced this week.The refugee health professional steering group will use the money for language training, clinical skills training and job shadowing.

www. dh. gov. uk

The British Medical Association's new GP committee chair will be Dr Hamish Meldrum, an east Yorkshire GP.Meanwhile, corporate finance adviser Tony Bourne will replace secretary Jeremy Strachan when he retires at the end of the year.

He will be only the second non-medical secretary of the BMA.

Our feature 'Knife point' (pages 28-29, 8 July) said that a 2001 Department of Health report on sterile services departments found that 4 per cent of them were unacceptable.The correct figure is 44 per cent.