Published: 27/03/2003, Volume II3, No. 5848 Page 8

Primary care trusts and strategic health authorities have been issued with a directory of evidence to support local service redesign.The directory lists programmes from across the NHS containing analysis and examples of good practice.

www. doh. gov. uk/pricare/ pctdirectory. pdf

The National Patient Safety Agency and the Royal College of GPs have launched In Safe Hands, a new quarterly newsletter aimed at GPs, practice nurses and practice managers which highlights common mistakes and errors and ways to prevent them.

www. rcgp. org. uk/rcgp/quality_ unit/index. asp

A shortage of nurse specialists in tuberculosis could contribute to a further rise in the disease in the UK, according to the British Thoracic Society.A BTS audit of 43 TB 'hotspots' revealed that 86 per cent had insufficient staff - the same figure as a similar survey in 1998 despite a 20 per cent rise in incidence of the disease.

www. brit-thoracic. org. uk

Daily Mail journalist Michael Clarke is to join the Department of Health's press office, leading its public health desk.He is understood to have told executives at the newspaper that his decision to leave the Mail had been influenced by its stance on the measles, mumps and rubella vaccine, asylum seekers and single mothers.'I am sure he is set to become a valued member of staff, 'a DoH spokesperson said.

A Scottish Executive expert group has called on the health service to consider whether trusts and boards should make ex gratia payments for people suffering 'lesser injuries' through the NHS.

But the expert group on financial and other support, which reported this week, rejected introduction of a general no-fault compensation scheme.

www. scotland. gov. uk