A series of regional workshops is under way to provide updates on the development of the NHS website, nhs.uk which is set to rapidly expand in the next few months. The website currently offers a limited range of information, including a history of the NHS and a directory of NHS organisations. The NHS Information Authority is conducting an information-gathering exercise to help it determine the range of content the site should offer.

A cancer dataset website has been launched by the NHS Information Authority. It gives up-to-date information on the development of the national cancer dataset. The site provides guidance on the draft datasets, development of which is a priority for the national cancer information strategy. Subscribers will be e-mailed whenever new information is added to the site, which can be found at nww. cancer. nhsia. nhs. uk/ dataset or www.cancer.nhsia.nhs.uk/ dataset Middlesex University Business School has launched a master's degree in electronic business aimed at managers working in the public sector. One of the degree's specialist modules will be public services online, including in-depth case studies on the NHS.

Core modules will examine principles of e-business, internet marketing and consumer behaviour. The course can be taken over one year full-time, or two years part-time.