A 75-year-old nurse, Aileen Gamble, is to go back to work at Leicester Royal Hospital - 45 years after she trained there.Ms Gamble, who will be working as a nursing auxiliary, responded to a recruitment campaign launched by the hospital to fill nursing vacancies over the winter.

Personal care services for elderly, incapacitated and infirm people should be free at the point of delivery, says a report published this week by the Scottish Parliament's health and community care committee. The report calls for fairness and equality in the delivery of services, and an end to means testing.

www.scottish.parliament.uk The Medicines Control Agency has recommended that the morning-after pill, Levonelle 2, should be available over the counter without a prescription. The proposal goes to Parliament for ratification in December and, if approved, women could buy the pill direct from chemists by early 2001.

A law, which would hold trusts and other public bodies criminally liable for deaths caused by management failure, is likely to be dropped from the next parliamentary session due to lack of time.

NHS staff will have to declare any personal gifts worth more than£25 under strict new rules on commercial sponsorship issued by the Department of Health.

Guidelines say health authorities, trusts, and individual staff members should be 'prepared to be held to account' for sponsorship deals and other similar commercial arrangements.

In the story 'Reeves to quit NHS on fiscal high note' (23 November, pages 4-5), we referred to NHS Executive finance director Colin Reeves having spent twice as long working for the NHS as his predecessor. The sentence should have said that Mr Reeves had spent twice as long on the NHS Executive board as his predecessors.