The public sector ombudsman system is to be reviewed to examine the scope for a more 'joined-up' approach to dealing with complaints from the public, said Cabinet Office minister Jack Cunningham. It will consider whether current arrangements in England 'are in the best interests of complainants' and whether the service offered by ombudsmen can be improved.

(Hansard, 30 March, col 661).

There is no central record of the political affiliation of local councillors who are appointed to primary care group boards, health minister John Denham admitted. He told Tory MP Graham Brady that party affiliation was not part of the data being collected.

(Hansard, 19 April, col 424).

Mr Denham has also admitted that there is no central list of health authorities who refuse to make the multiple sclerosis drug beta interferon available on the NHS. Nor is there a record of hospitals which prescribe the drug because hospital prescribing and dispensing data is not held centrally, he added.

(Hansard, 31 March, col 823).

Latest figures estimate that the cost to the NHS of resolving the year 2000 computer problem will be£321m, Mr Denham has revealed. He said the estimates could change in future as further information returns are made.

(Hansard, 14 April, col 272).