We select the must-read coverage from a busy week of announcements from NHS England and the health secretary covering efficiency, safe staffing, targets and more.

  1. The CQC will soon rate hospitals on efficiency as well as quality, as health secretary Jeremy Hunt revealed to HSJ… David Behan tells us how this will work and why it is right for the inspectorate
  2. Trusts will be given procurement savings targets, says Jeremy Hunt - while Lord Carter announces a new indicator will rate each trust on its efficiency
  3. NHS England chief Simon Stevens announces that the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence will stop work on safe staffing guidelines. Sir Robert Francis, who recommended the project, tells HSJ of his concern
  4. In an interview with HSJ, Mr Stevens makes clear he is serious about cutting agency spend; kick-starts redesign of urgency/emergency care; gives away plans for a cancer care payment overhaul; and says struggling CCGs could be taken over by neighbours, councils, or providers
  5. Two key waiting time targets for elective care have been abolished, news broken by HSJ on Thursday. The remaining elective standard is the one covering “incomplete pathways”, ie the people still waiting. Other targets remain in place but are subject to further review.
  6. Prioritising prevention? George Osborne announces a £200m in-year cut to council-held public health budgets
  7. The health secretary plots “traffic light” ratings of CCGs, on quality/outcomes and on the standard of their “resilience” and “transformation” planning
  8. Three troubled patches are put in a “success regime”
  9. A much-anticipated judgement from Monitor finds Northern, Eastern and Western Devon did not break competition rules in a community services procurement
  10. An audit commissioned by the Department of Health finds that the Care Quality Commission made errors in a 2013 tender, which appointed McKinsey & Co. CQC chief David Behan, and former chair, now health minister, David Prior, were involved.