Published: 24/02/2005, Volume II5, No. 5944 Page 36

New research has shown that management development is proven to bring results and that improved people and change management skills are the most valued outcome.

Management Development Works: the evidence, published by the Chartered Management Institute, says the ability to manage change and risk will be key skills for managers in upcoming years. And for the first time the 1,000 managers surveyed for the report considered job experience to be more important than innate ability.

A trend towards active talent management, with a focus on selecting candidates for fast-tracking and career management, also seems to be developing. Almost half of UK organisations surveyed now allocate a budget for management training.

However, spending per manager on such training averages£1,120 a head, which is almost identical to four years ago. The average number of days estimated by line managers themselves had risen from 8.2 days in 2000 to 22 days in 2004.

Providing training as a means to progressing individuals' careers, and motivating and retaining managers, are all found to be considered more important than in 1996, when the research was first carried out. This is in line with survey findings that show organisations are taking increasing responsibility for the management development of employees.

The most recent figures also show that the number of human resources managers who consider management learning development to have had a positive impact on their organisation has increased significantly.

However, the report notes that investment will take time to become evident as such training often takes a long time and results can take years to be used by an organisation.

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