Published: 16/06/2005, Volume II5, No. 5960 Page 6

. . . her new job 'I do not think I am in danger of underestimating the scale of the challenge.' . . . payment by results 'It is going to be uncomfortable for some people, but from the point of view of the patient and the taxpayer and the contributor It is a very good thing.' . . . organisational change 'I am passionately interested in how you create and lead very successful organisations and how you change very large and complex organisations.'

. . . reform in primary care 'If the hospitals will not give [GPs] the diagnostics they want for their patients, they will get it for their patients - and they ought to be able to.' . . . management 'The idea that you can run a world-class health service or world-class social services without managers is nonsense. [You get] a lot of public comment on managers, bureaucrats and you sometimes get it from frontline staff... There is just an absurd idea you can do it without managers.'

. . . whether the NHS is undermanaged 'No, I do not know... there may be [a lack of managers] in parts of the system. I do not get the sense That is a general problem.' . . . how NHS management costs of 4 per cent compare with those of successful businesses 'Pretty well.' . . . learning from industry 'I am not saying you can run a hospital like a factory but there are management techniques you can take, and we are starting to take from world-class factories.' . . . tensions between staff groups 'In parts of the NHS you have managers talking about bloody doctors and you have doctors talking about bloody managers. Now That is terrible, because the reality is they need each other.' . . . extending a ban on smoking 'I obviously want to look at it in some detail. There will be a consultation on smoking and the detailed proposals in a few weeks' time so It is an issue I'll come back to.'