Published: 30/05/2002, Volume II2, No. 5807 Page 22

I am responding to your article on the King's Fund (news focus, 16 May) in which you state: 'Part of the fund headquarters in Cavendish Square, just off central London's Oxford Street, is already leased to the London Health Observatory and private company PPP.'

This is incorrect. Though the PPP foundation does currently lease premises from the King's Fund, the PPP foundation is an independent healthcare charitable foundation and the organisation has no connection with either private healthcare or medical insurance.

The PPP foundation received an endowment of around£540m from the sale of the PPP healthcare group to Guardian Royal Exchange in 1998.

It is this endowment fund that the foundation distributes, through various programmes, on an ongoing basis.

It is important that your readers understand the status.

We are a relatively young charity, but likely to increase in both size and influence and it is vital that our aims and interests are effectively communicated from the start.

Victoria Murray Information officer PPP Foundation