We look forward to celeb chef coping with constraints of hospital catering

Welcome to the NHS, celebrity chef Loyd Grossman. We hope you haven't bitten off more than you can chew - because you are a flashy, New Labour device for tackling one of the health service's most multi-faceted problems.

First, forget the cliches and popular mythology about hospital food. It may not come with Michelin stars, but NHS catering staff have the same qualifications as those in the private sector, and have to work within many more restraints. Budgets may be as little as£2.50 a day per patient. Transporting food from kitchens to wards is a lengthier process than in any restaurant. Food worthy of the most exclusive establishment may go uneaten if it is not what the patient is used to, if they just don't fancy it that day, if they do not have the right implements or are not seated comfortably.

Remember, your menus will have to be nutritionally acceptable and take account of patients' cultural and religious beliefs, possibly complicated by medical factors. It all adds up to quite a tall order.