I wish to respond to the article IT project accused of bullying.

I wish to respond to the article IT project accused of bullying.

I understand the views expressed by Ms Foad were her personal views, and I believe do not reflect the overall experience of the West Hertfordshire local health community. Indeed, despite the financial constraints experienced across the community, excellent progress has been made in implementing NHS Connecting for Health solutions, including systems for Child Health, Community and GP practices. A system to support the Single Assessment Process has recently gone live and the community has plans to roll this out to more than 70 users in December.

The Eastern Cluster Local Service Provider?s Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS) has been implemented across West Hertfordshire. This was one of the earliest of these deployments in the cluster and is bringing significant benefits to the local hospital trust and its patients.

Whilst work is still ongoing in the local health community on Choose and Book, it is already implemented in two thirds of the GP practices across the community and we expect that it will be rolled out to the remaining practices over future months.

Robin Arnold

Regional implementation director, Eastern Cluster NHS Connecting for Health