How right Bob Hudson is to say that all levels of health and social care 'are bound together' ('Prospects of partnership', pages 26-27, 16 April).

He has also recognised the difficulties of translating grand inter-agency strategies formulated at board and committee level into action at the point of service delivery.

His article identifies a range of structural barriers to collaboration at the front line, and suggests that culture, especially that created by professional sensibilities, may have a part to play.

Members of CAIPE (UK Centre for the Advancement of Interprofessional Education) would agree that much of this could be blamed on the different education systems in place. But in its 10 years of existence, the organisation which encourages disciplines to learn from each other has noted a dramatic increase in the number of such education courses running at all levels from pre-registration to continuing professional development across the country.

We hope that the various white papers will at last put inter-professional education firmly on every educational institution's curriculum for all health and social care professionals.

Lyn Smith, Director, CAIPE, London WC1.