I wish to commend Kenyan nurses for making a bold step by venturing into the UK market ('Happy landings?' feature, pages 24-27, 24 August). It is pleasing that UK healthcare providers have recognised the competence and potential of nurses from Kenya .

No-one anywhere should doubt that not only Kenyan nurses but paramedics, too, are competent. Hospitals in Kenya, especially private ones, run efficiently and effectively. We handle state-of-the-art equipment and modern technology in all departments, and meet international standards.

Our operating theatres handle complicated cases, thanks to Kenyan doctors assisted by Kenyan-trained paramedics, laboratory technologists, radiographers, physiotherapists and occupational therapists.

As with the nursing profession, training for paramedics is of high quality and meets international standards. Our hard work, competence and efficiency can be seen the world over.

For instance, Kenyan radiographers, occupational therapists and physiotherapists work in the US, UK, Canada, Southern Africa and the Asian sub-continent.

Our nurses in the UK are just part of a well-groomed team here in Kenya. Their success says volumes about our training, commitment and dedication to achieving excellent results, given the chance to prove our worth.

Vacancies being advertised in the UK could easily be filled by capable radiographers from Kenya. Our nursing colleagues have proved this point.

Berntom Ouma Senior radiographer The Nairobi Hospital Kenya