I was surprised to read a letter (5 July) from a Crispin Glover who gave his address as the diversity department, King's College Hospital.

Neither Crispin Glover nor that department are known to us. This may go some way to account for his lack of awareness of the large number of black managers employed by King's.

We are well aware that some occupational groups, including management, do not properly reflect the diversity of the local population and King's has an action programme to remedy this imbalance ('Getting even', pages 28-29, 22 February). Our aim is to see the diversity of our local population reflected at every level of the hospital, so we can demonstrate clear career pathways to the highest levels in the NHS.

I would be the first to acknowledge that we have a long way to go, but why the existing ranks of our many black managers are so invisible to your correspondent is something of a mystery.

Michael Griffin Director of human resources King's College Hospital trust