Published: 01/07/2004, Volume II3, No. 5912 Page 6

Conservative health spokesman Andrew Lansley praised the contribution of health service managers - and then proposed a much-reduced role for primary care trusts and strategic health authorities.Mr Lansley (pictured) told the conference: 'For the NHS to deliver [it] is going to require not only doctors, nurses and other professions, but managers as well.'He told the NHS Confederation's annual conference that his vision of an effective health service was based on NHS organisations 'managing themselves', removing the performance-management role of SHAs and the Department of Health.Under Conservative proposals, SHAs would be left with a workforce, capital planning and public health function.

PCTs would lose their responsibility for commissioning elective care to GPs and their public health duties to SHAs.

See Comment, page 15; Michael White, page 21.