The Health Foundation's Leadership Fellows scheme is open for applications. This is the last chance for health professionals with the potential to significantly improve the quality of health services in the UK to undertake almost two years of personal and professional development, free of charge.

The scheme will be replaced next year with a new individual leadership scheme.

The fellowship seeks to identify and support up to 16 healthcare professionals who will become leading figures in health across the UK.

We are seeking applications from a wide range of healthcare practitioners, as well as healthcare managers, public health and health education professionals, health improvement practitioners, and people working in healthcare policy.

To be successful, applicants will need to demonstrate success in their professional field and the potential to build their leadership skills.

Successful applicants will benefit from almost two years of one-to-one coaching, action learning sets, seminars and workshops. They will work with two experienced leadership development consultants, Tim Sims and Fiona Reed, to identify and work on specific training needs.

In addition, participants will gain from the experiences of other talented clinicians and managers on the scheme and will have the chance to network with experts on leadership and quality improvement. Throughout the scheme, participants are encouraged to feedback learning to colleagues in their organisation.

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