Leicester City primary care trust reports more patient safety incidents than any other NHS organisation, latest NPSA figures show.

It recorded 229 incidents in six months, giving it a reporting rate of 158 per 1,000 bed days, compared with the average of 18.

Director of quality Mandy Ashton is proud of the PCT's record: "We're a supportive team and we urge people to learn from when things go wrong or nearly wrong, which is as important.

"We have two people going out and meeting clinical staff [and] proving the benefits of reporting to them and their patients."

There is more work to do with GPs, dentists, optometrists and pharmacists, although signs from the latter are "very encouraging".

Regarding GPs, known to under-report errors, she said: "I won't say it's been easy but it’s a case of having an ongoing dialogue, explaining how it will improve the care they provide and making sure they own it as an issue."

The PCT has benefited from networking through the NPSA’s patient safety campaign.

Publishing incident figures was essential, she said, because "as a director charged with responsibility for patient safety you need to be held accountable".