Roy Sharma (Letters, 4 June) asked: 'Why are we so close to the primary care group deadline without vision, partnership and plans?'

This is a timely reminder of the increasing need for approaches to consultation that convey respect. But even where there is a commitment to 'an inclusive culture not based on traditional power structures' (to quote Joan Higgins' article, 'HAZs warning', pages 24-25, 16 April), on the part of those responsible for establishing joint working, do they have the right process tools for the job?

There is a need to promote the sharing of best practice, not only from the NHS, but from elsewhere in the public sector and from the private sector.

With this in mind, research on the effectiveness of inclusive group processes for enabling change in organisations is currently under way.

If anyone is interested in becoming involved, or discussing some of the initial findings, contact me as the research co-ordinator.

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