I am writing to object to the headline about London Lighthouse ('Lighthouse nears rocks as consultation rethinks', News, page 7, 18 June).

As you have previously reported, financial pressures forced Lighthouse to decide in March this year that, in the absence of other funding, we would have to sell our superb, purpose-converted building in North Kensington and move our services to new premises.

Many different suggestions have been made about the future of the Lighthouse building, and the proposal from the local community health council that the NHS in London should purchase the building was

just one.

The building is now on the market, but we are working hard to put together a funding package which will enable it to be maintained as a community resource for housing, health and social care and as a base for services for people living with HIV and AIDS.

Whatever the future location of Lighthouse services, we are making every effort to ensure that there is minimum disruption for service users over the coming months. Inaccurate and scaremongering headlines do not help.

Susie Parsons

Chief executive

London Lighthouse