The national minimum wage will have no impact on the NHS, according to research.

Trusts will be not be affected, if, as widely forecast, the rate is set at£3.60 per hour, a survey by pay analyst Pay and Workforce Research found.

It questioned 194 trusts last month and found the vast majority were already paying staff a minimum of£3.60 an hour or more.

'Only 2 per cent of those we spoke to have a minimum wage less than£3.60, said PWR spokeswoman Cheryl Kershaw.

'If the minimum wage is set at£3.60 an hour, by the time it is effective it is likely even these trusts will be paying above the minimum, ' she added.

The survey also found only 21 trusts had set a minimum basic rate different to the minimum Whitley hourly rate of£3.60.

The Low Pay Commission is set to announce its recommendation on the level of the national minimum wage within the next few weeks.

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