Chief executives and chairs joining foundation trusts from non-authorised trusts will be expected to attend a Monitor 'induction programme', the regulator is proposing.

Newcomers who have not been through the foundation trust authorisation process should attend a programme within six months of arriving or explain why they have not, Monitor says.

Plans for changes to its compliance framework say board members "need to be aware of their roles and responsibilities" as directors.

Election turnout

Other changes being proposed include requiring organisations to report more details about the turnouts of their governor elections, which are used to check they are engaging with their members.

At present turnout is reported as a proportion of an organisation's whole membership. Monitor is suggesting that in future the figure is broken down into sections such as staff, public and patient members.

The plan would "ensure that boards understand the level of engagement and representation within each key membership group and their key constituencies", the regulator says.