Published: 24/01/2002, Volume II2, No. 5789 Page 93

Monitor's head is beginning to spin thanks to the relentless shower of initiatives unleashed by this government. Modern matrons. Dirty hospitals. Traffic lights. Stars. And what about hospital menus?

Surely the only thing that is more ridiculous than putting a celebrity chef in charge of the NHS menu was giving the job to Anton Edelmann. However, that wasn't the end of that initiative. Oh no, it wasn't. No, Monitor offers some late news, or perhaps old news, for those pedants among you. The event itself happened on Monday 24 December, or Christmas eve, as it used to be known in ye olden days, when Mr Edelmann, head chef at the Savoy, was to 'trial' a 'new Christmas dish'.

The idea of doing away with traditional turkey and all the trimmings shocked Monitor, who feared that patients stuck in hospital on Christmas day might feel the same way. So what was the radical experiment? Monitor read on, to learn that the catering department at Homerton Hospital was to serve a 'special Christmas stuffed turkey with bread sauce'. 'If it proves popular this recipe may be one of many dishes designed by leading chefs available in hospitals across the country next year.' Turkey? For Christmas? It'll never catch on.

And finally, Monitor would like to offer his respect to one of the most effective organisations in the NHS. At least when it comes to its toilet training. A member of HSJ 's team was rummaging about in CHI's ladies' lavatory (doing what ladies do) when she came face to face with an unearthly shock. Crammed on to the back of the lav door was a poster. The topic deserving of cubicle space? CHI Project Redesign. Monitor salutes the efforts of those who decided to make proper use of those endless wasted tinkling moments. Held captive as she was, HSJ 's sleuth had a chance to read the whole spiel before whipping the poster off and passing the evidence to Monitor. It revealed that the test process for CHI's Project Redesign was working well, as shown by the success of reviews by Ian Biggs in Northumbria and Amanda Squires in Tameside and Glossop. Monitor is sure that Mr Biggs and Ms Squires will be flushed by their success.