Monitor's cynical colleagues are more likely to see the glass as half-empty than half-full. Indeed, sometimes Monitor wonders if That is because they spend too much time emptying their own glasses. Nonetheless, in recent weeks, Crispy Nige has become the unlucky target on which they vent their unhealthy spleen. Now, we can't all be wordsmiths. Even Monitor has had the odd off-day, believe it or not! Crispy should be praised for his bravery in battling to negotiate the course from one end of a sentence to the other, distracted by neither sense nor syntax.

It was so nice of him to speak to HSJ to explain what his review of the Department of Health was all about. 'What's it all about then?' asked one of our snarling hackettes, only to be told that following the review, the department would 'focus on making sure we focus on some underpinning arrangements'. Slightly nonplussed, HSJ asked for an example of demonstrable change: now Nige was on firmer ground: 'The biggest change is the regional offices, ' he said, with a hint of clarity, before going on to promise that the new DoH will be 'about providing for people the things they need us to provide'. Examples of things the department could provide which people needed them to provide were not forthcoming. But Wotsit Crisp explained that the department would be concentrating on five big areas, which he had already listed, and which he seemed to be in no mood to repeat. Nige also nodded quite a lot at the suggestion that all these new structures could leave a few HSJ readers without a job. Not to worry. Soon there will be 'a detailed document on human resources - because people are affected'. Thanks, Nige.

And finally, There is nothing like a well-aimed press release. And this week's release of the week is nothing like a well-aimed press release! Boom boom. In fact, the facsimile machine chez Monitor has been somewhat troubled by the glut of releases from our friends at the Ministry of Defence. And if the MoD thinks HSJ readers should be aware that Chancellor Gordon Brown and armed forces minister Adam Ingram visited HMS Ark Royal following a£147m re-fit by the ludicrously-named Babcock Engineering Services, who is Monitor to argue?