Management consultancy is a stressful game - and between Powerpoint presentations and trips to the service station to get more 'business cards' printed there's always a spot of Countdown to keep the grey cells ticking over. Top marks, then, to Crew Services, who promise to take the mystique out of consultancy jargon for you public sector types. Its 'plain English guide to consultancy speak' translates 'we should really have a watching brief during implementation' into 'we are going to do nothing, but charge you lots of money'. Not that top consultants Crew Services would know about that. This gave Monitor a cracking idea: is it possible junior Monitors are thirsting for consultancy know-how to turn folksy little newsletters into a powerful and acerbic read? Perhaps not.

The phones at Monitor Towers haven't stopped ringing since this page suggested that Carol Smillie and King's Healthcare trust's Ron de Witt had more in common than their hairstyles might suggest. Ron's mates must have had trouble getting through, but those who felt less fondly towards their former colleague suggested that Leeds health authority's attempt to defend his passion for decor were less than robust. One caller said Mr de Witt's£73,000 spend in Leeds included bringing in a design expert from Hull - a town where he had previously been employed.

Leeds HA confirmed that Hull interior designer Henry Chadwick had indeed won the contract to do the work, which 'complied with all our standing orders and standing financial instructions'. So that's OK, then.

Our fragrant Yvette Cooper has hit the headlines, with the Daily Mail flagging up the 'Labour star with her sights set firmly on number 10'.

But here's the real news: Ms Cooper is apparently a fan of Channel Four's gloom soap Brookie . Could this explain Ms Cooper's public health interest? Did Jimmy Corkhill's drugs hell inspire government policy? Perhaps there's more to Susannah's secret surrogacy deal than meets the eye? Typical of the Mail to see the news as 'a nugget which in her election success doubtless helped assuage fears that she was an over-educated southerner parachuting into a safe northern seat'.