Very flat, Norfolk, ' as Noel Coward once said. Not any more, though! Frolicking farmers are popping up all over the place, if the latest survey by Tesco pharmacy is to be believed. For Norwich has been hailed as the Viagra capital of Britain. Envy those Norfolk broads: 4 per cent of prescriptions for the 'love drug' are dispensed in the city, which apparently faced 'stiff competition' to top the chart (see picture).

Engorged penises are all very well. Very well indeed, come to that, but health promoters among you will have spotted that with orgies of sexual ecstasy come the risk of the patter of tiny feet. Here in Britain, jokes about vasectomies have kept the sitcom alive for years. In France it's a somewhat different matter: the operation is illegal under the 19th century Napoleonic code which forbids acts of 'self mutilation'. But one brave father of two is doing his bit to do away with the French letter! Bernard Schnakenbourg came to this proud nation as the first patient to try Marie Stopes' vasectomy tourism service. In its inimitably authoritative way, the BBC had all the facts to hand. 'The operation, which renders the man infertile by cutting the tubes to the sperm-producing testicles, is illegal in France.' It went on to explain, 'Mr Schnakenbourg said he was having the procedure because he did not want to have any more children. They then quoted him saying, 'I am prepared to travel to the UK to access a vasectomy because my partner and I do not want any more children.' Is Monitor alone in wondering why else one would self-mutilate in such a way? Mr Schnakenbourg, 47, is a financial administrator.

Other top stories hitting the headlines this month include the case of psychic surgeon and former bricklayer Ray Brown. Mr Brown, who claims to be possessed by the 2,000-year-old ghost of a doctor called 'Paul', cured grandfather John Bundock of excruciating mystery pains. The relieved man's wife Frances explained: 'It really does sound stupid, but it is one of those things'. Ah, one of those things, ponders an almost bemused Monitor.