Facile approach to the topic belies complex issues lying at its heart

Meanwhile, have you been down to accident and emergency with a mop yet? Or painted over that damp patch in the loos? If not, what are you waiting for - the national clean-up is underway and ministers want action. Fast.

The national clean-up of NHS hospitals is another classic piece of puff.

Yes, cleaning is an important issue. Yes,£31m is a lot of money. Yes, it should be possible to achieve results - although even£150,000 per trust won't go far when A&E needs a make-over and the medical director fancies some paint on the landings.

But deep-seated issues around efficiency savings, contracting and staff training will take a little longer to resolve.

Fortunately, the time will be available. Changing contracts is much harder to film in a winter crisis than a grubby waiting room.