Published: 27/05/2004, Volume II4, No. 5907 Page 36

Director of human resources and organisational development at Leicester City West teaching primary care trust Steve Gulati is a custody visitor for West Midlands Police Authority.

'The West Midlands has had a problematic relationship with the Irish and ethnic communities - I am Indian-Irish, and I think that was an attraction for the police. I have been a visitor for over a year and the work is fascinating. Every six weeks I go to police stations to ensure that detainees are being treated in accordance with the law.

I see people who have substance misuse problems and do not have their prescribed medication with them.

It is absolutely vital that they do because any testimony they might give will be affected by it.

'The opportunity to become involved is a privilege. It makes one not only a better citizen but a better employee as well.

Employers should encourage community work.'