NHS CfH: NHS Connecting for Health is the government agency that runs the national IT programme

NPfIT: the national programme for IT is responsible for digitising the NHS

Enterprise-wide agreement: a deal for the whole NHS with a commercial software provider such as Oracle or Microsoft

GPSoC: GP systems of choice, a programme to give GPs a choice of system software

NASP: national application service provider, responsible for procuring, developing and rolling out national projects such as Choose and Book

N3: an NHS-wide broadband service to allow secure and rapid transmission of data and images around the NHS

Contact: a directory and secure e-mail service, also known as NHSMail

NHS CRS: NHS care records service

HealthSpace: a feature of NHS Direct online that will give patients access to their own records

C&B: Choose and Book, a national electronic booking service developed by Atos Origin to support patient choice

ETP: electronic transmission of prescriptions, the project responsible for delivering the electronic prescription service (EPS)

LSP: local service provider, responsible for embedding the programme locally

Prime subcontractors: the software providers with whom the LSPs contract to deliver supporting software and clinical functionality

PAS: patient administration system, the computerised hospital record-keeping system with which clinical applications can be integrated

PACS: picture archiving and communications systems, for digital image capture and distribution