Nineteen trusts are to share £102m in research funding to develop new treatments.

The money, from the National Institute for Health Research, will be spent on research nurses, technicians and facilities.

Some of the money is targeted at research into rare diseases, following the launch of the first ever UK consultation on rare diseases which aims to improve service co-ordination, strengthen research and improve engagement with patients and families.

Health secretary Andrew Lansley said: “These researchers will push forward the boundaries of what is possible. These are the people and the facilities where the very best new treatments will be developed for a huge range of conditions – from cancer to diabetes and heart disease. NHS patients are the ones who will see the benefit of their work.”

NHS trusts and foundation trusts with clinical research facilities submitted bids for the funding, which were judged by a panel of UK experts in both medical research and in running clinical research facilities.

Winning bids were selected on the basis of the quality and volume of world-class medical research they support as well as other criteria including the strength of their partnerships with universities and industry.