New rules for treating erectile disfunction on the NHS came into force this week. Triggered by the debate over Viagra, they restrict a number of drug treatments to men with one of 12 conditions. The rules will be reviewed after a year.

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The British Medical Association has warned that the NHS could be 'dangerously overstretched' by new drugs for influenza if demand coincides with the millennium holidays. BMA GP committee chair Dr John Chisholm called for the National Institute for Clinical Excellence to look at the potential impact of neuraminidase inhibitors as 'an urgent priority'.

Health secretary Frank Dobson has launched a consultation on plans to ensure that 'young people leaving care get the same support as other young people can expect from their parents'. The proposals will make local authorities responsible for ensuring that all 16 and 17-year-olds receive personal and financial support.

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Prime minister Tony Blair and health secretary Frank Dobson have awarded the first ever Aneurin Bevan awards to eight 'NHS trailblazers'.

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The Commons Welsh affairs committee has said the Welsh Office allowed an 'unacceptable level of debt' to build up across the NHS in Wales. In a report issued last week, it says tackling the problem will be 'a clear priority' for the Welsh Assembly.

Birmingham health authority chair Bryan Stoten has urged tobacco companies to 'come clean' and admit that their products are 'responsible for the deaths of millions of people across the world each year' at the start of a 12-month stop smoking campaign.