Published: 26/09/2002, Volume II2, No. 5824 Page 21

Every baby born in England and Wales will receive their unique NHS number at birth, as part of the NHS Information Authority's NHS numbers for babies programme, from 29 October this year.

Midwives will be able to request and receive a number for a baby by connecting to a central computer system.

The National electronic Library for Health is continuing to expand.

A 3D anatomical model of the head and neck, created by Primal Pictures, will be placed in the library next month - the first of a suite of 3D images.

The library has also launched a guidelines finder service, developed in conjunction with Sheffield Evidence for Effectiveness and Knowledge.

www. nelh. nhs. uk

lMS Health has developed a system to reduce the time taken to find an intensive care bed within an NHS critical care system. It is already in use in the Central Southern critical care network, covering ten trusts from Winchester to Dorchester. IMS Health worked with ioko365 Ltd, an enterprise technology specialist, on the product, which is PC based and works over NHSnet.