Eastbourne District General Hospital has installed Elan Technologies'Oasis patient administration system. This will be the foundation for a level-3 electronic patient record.

East and North Hertfordshire trust has signed a seven-year deal with Kodak to move from a conventional imaging system to a fully digital PACs. Installation will begin with a speed link between Lister Hospital, Stevenage, and Queen Elizabeth II Hospital, Welwyn Garden City.

NTL Business has been selected for the seventh year running to provide telephony and telecommunications services for six Nottingham health organisations. The deal is worth£750,000 a year.

Royal Glamorgan Hospital trust has installed the Agilent CareVue clinical information system into its eight-bed neonatal intensive care unit, in the second phase of installing Agilent equipment throughout the hospital.

South West London Community trust has issued almost 1,000 Microsoft Pocket PCs to district nurses, health visitors and other technicians. The trust was formed in April 1999 and inherited three IT infrastructures. The new infrastructure allows standardisation, as well as reducing time spent on administration, improving procedures and providing better information for analysis.

Tameside and Glossop Acute Services trust has signed a£4m, eight-year contract with System C Healthcare. It will provide a level-3 electronic patient record, a full patient administration system with 'airline-style' booking and shared data systems across the local health community.

A further three provisional licences have been awarded to companies interested in providing bedside communication and entertainment systems to the NHS, as part of the Patient Power initiative.

The three companies are patientpal, Premier Managed Payphones and KerFone Communications. Patientpal is a subsidiary of MIM Meditech. Its system was developed by Siemens and is in use in 870 European hospitals. Premier Managed Payphones will operate its service through a sister company, Premier Entertainment. It already operates 1,800 payphones in 50 hospitals. KerFone Communications is a Liverpool company.