I am writing to correct two errors about the Victoria Climbie inquiry in your article 'A poisoned chalice' (news focus, page 9, 30 August).

You state that Lord Laming, chair of the independent investigation into the tragic death of eight-year-old Victoria, criticised Haringey social workers 'at all levels' in January 2001.

This is untrue. Lord Laming's inquiry only began hearing evidence in September and is still due to hear from witnesses.

Unsurprisingly, he has not voiced any opinions about Haringey social workers, or any other people involved in the case, as to do so before he has heard all the evidence would be wholly inappropriate.

You say that Lord Laming was due to deliver his verdict in September.

The inquiry will continue for some time yet. He will not be in a position to produce his report before next spring at the earliest.

Paul Rees Communications manager Victoria Climbie inquiry