The investigation into the Ladywood primary care group election (news, page 4, 21 January) was not about an individual but was concerned with the movements of a ballot box over a period of 72 hours, and as such 15 individuals were interviewed by Birmingham health authority secretary Richard Miles.

All had access to the ballot box at some point from the evening of the election to the time that I discovered that it had been tampered with.

The report of the investigation was presented to the January HA public meeting, at which it was recommended that no disciplinary action should be implemented.

It dealt with issues such as the conduct of PCG business by PCG boards, and the handling of future elections.

The report also stated that I was honest, reliable and trustworthy, and referred to inappropriate behaviour by unidentified people.

The HA chair and executive members endorsed the report and its recommendations, and I was given the HA's full support.

John Brett