Bristol inquiry

Inquiry costs

Figures of£15m have been reported. There is no official figure, but inquiry staff say around£10m - the largest chunk of money - could be spent in the current financial year.


Between 35 and 40 at any one time. They include lawyers, information technology specialists and communications staff.


Around 800,000 pages have been scanned into the inquiry's electronic document retrieval system so far. Two large secure rooms house medical records and hospital files.

Net value

150,000 hits have been recorded on the inquiry website ( and the rate of activity is growing as the volume of material on the site grows.

Nearly 50 per cent of the hits come from the UK, but people from at least 44 other countries, from Romania to French Polynesia, had visited the site by June.

The site includes full transcripts of oral evidence, written statements, hearing summaries, terms of reference, profiles of the panel members and practical information about when, where and how the inquiry is being conducted.