I read Helen Fox's letter (page 22, 12 October) about educational requirements for nursing with interest.

NVQs involve assessment of key skills, literacy, numeracy, and IT, indicating that candidates have to be literate: if they were not, they could not be assessed as competent.

The NVQ also involves an amount of written work from which literacy can be judged.

Level 3 NVQ is at approximately A-level standard, and therefore at a higher level than the GCSEs Ms Fox required when she trained.

Most universities require A-levels or an NVQ level 3 for entry into nurse training these days.

If Ms Fox is aware of universities offering places for nurse training with NVQ level 2 alone, I know of many people who would wish to apply for a place.

I am sure Ms Fox recalls the test people without O-levels were able to take to access nurse training in the past, many of whom went on to be very good registered nurses.

Nurses are today more accountable for their actions than they have ever been, and are more qualified and competent.

Roger Morley Bristol