It may not become a ratings buster on the scale of Casualty, still less ER. Its stars are unlikely to appear in the tabloid gossip columns or become household names - not, at least, for their performance in this small drama - but Radio Four's new mini-series based on the life of a busy hospital chief executive is something of a leap forward in the fictional portrayal of NHS managers (news focus, pages 10-11).

No doubt Hilary Rowland, the real chief executive of the real Alder Hey Children's Hospital trust, will soon weary of being asked whether she was the prototype for the fictional Carol Weaver of the fictional Nightingale Hospital trust. But anyinfluence she has had on her sister's sympathetic production should set a precedent. If any HSJ reader is by chance related to George Lucas, Star Wards would make a great film.

After the steady succession of bumbling bureaucrats and grey-suited cash- obsessed monsters who elsewhere pass for NHS managers, Vital Signs at last offers something to raise morale and redress the balance.

So make a note in your diary that you are not to be disturbed between 10.45am and 11am each Wednesday from 15 September, then shut the office door, put the kettle on to boil, and prepare to have your ego massaged.